For the Office

We offer a variety of bagels, wraps, salads and snacks for delivery to office places. Our customers love us as a brunch option for office meetings and trainings. We also have the capability to be the everyday breakfast and lunch supplier for your office. Just get in touch with us for the full catering menu.

Original Catering

Let us cater for your events. Whether you have special event, an office meeting, a conference or just providing lunch to the office. Get our freshly made bagels, salads, wraps and drinks. We provide something for everyone.

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Parties & Events

What could be more fun at a party or an event than a bagel. Make it an Original Bagel and your party will be the talk of the town. We offer a selection of snacks, bagels, wraps salads and drinks to any special event you may be hosting. Just get in touch with us and request our catering menu.

Our Siganture

A mouthwatering favourite perfected at Original Bagel. 100% British beef with cheese, salad and seasoning

A new way to order

Don't like waiting? Now you can order ahead and simply come pick up and go. Or we can deliver straight to you.

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Stay in the loop with what's going on at Original Bagel. Find us all over social media.